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I think one of the most common questions asked about succulents is if cutting them off the plant kills them, followed by does glue hurt/kill them?

Cutting doesn't kill. In fact, most succulents you buy started as just that, a cutting. Distributors take thousands of small little cuttings and sell them to wholesale growers. The growers plant the cuttings in soil, wait until they're the right size and sell them to retailers where you and I then purchase beautiful, happy plants. As for the glue question...

No, glue doesn't hurt or kill the plants. Not even hot glue. Back in December we did a few projects where we hot glued hundreds of little succulents to champagne bottles and they were all fine. These weren't even tough established plants, they were tiny little babies! After about a month I carefully removed them and placed them on a tray of succulent soil. 

Cutting & Using Glue on Succulents - Jen Tao - Botanical Bright

As you can see, they have rooted and grown beautifully! Obviously, things are getting a little tight and at some point I'll take on the task of separating and replanting all of these but for now, they're fine. Because of the lack of space, they automatically slow their growth. As soon as they get the chance to grow more, they will.

Because succulents are really freaking cool like that!


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