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Succulent Blooms: To Trim or Not To Trim!

Succulent Blooms: To Trim or Not To Trim!

 Botanical Bright Succulent Bloom FAQ

I'm often asked why I cut off the succulent blooms and if it's necessary. Here's some bloomin' info to answer those questions!


Reasons to trim blooms from your succulents:
1. They attract aphids like crazy!! Not something I want in my garden.
2. They slow the growth of the plants. Trimming redirects the energy that would be spent on blooming towards plant growth.
3. You can make an amazing bouquet like this!!! 

Reasons to leave your blooms:
1. They're pretty. 
2. Bees like them. (Aeonium blooms especially!)



Q: What do you do with them now? 
A: I stick them in a vase of water, just like cut flowers.

Q: Can you propagate the leaves from the bloom stalk? 
A: Some bloom leaves will grow babies, some won't, some will have a little bloom grow right on the end of the leaf. Might as well give it a try if you want to. 
Hopefully this is informative and answers your questions! In the end, it's up to you, you can cut 'em or leave 'em! 

Jen Tao @jenssuccs

Botanical Bright Succulent Bloom FAQBotanical Bright Succulent Bloom FAQ



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