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DIY - Succulent Pumpkins!

Succulent pumpkins are one of fall’s hottest trends, and it’s not hard to see why. They are absolutely beautiful and a long lasting addition to your home’s decor, whether displayed inside or out. And the best part, they’re fun and easy to make!

Jen Tao - DIY Pumpkins - Botanical Bright

What you’ll need…

  • Any size pumpkin - try to select one that is firm all over and doesn't have any cuts or bruises
  • Hot glue gun and glue (More on Using Glue on Succulents)
  • Garden shears
  • Succulent cuttings (how many will depend on the size of your pumpkin)
  • Sphagnum Moss
Jen Tao - DIY Pumpkins - Botanical Bright

*Notes about succulent cuttings: If you are like me you’ll probably just attack all your succulents and end up with way more cuttings than you’ll need...which, of course, is fine because they won’t go to waste and can easily be replanted. (Yay succulents!) But if you’d prefer to not be left with a handful of extra cuttings, just gather up the plants you want to work with and snip them off as you go.*

1. Grab enough moss to cover the top of your pumpkin then glue it in place using your hot glue gun. I’ve found it’s easier to work in small sections because the glue can start to harden quickly when it touches the pumpkin.

Jen Tao - DIY Pumpkins - Botanical Bright

Jen Tao - DIY Pumpkins - Botanical Bright

2. I like to plan out what succulents I’m going to put where before I start gluing (more information about gluing & cutting) so I first place the cuttings on the pumpkin to get an idea of how it will look. When I’m happy with the way it’s come together, I’ll carefully lift up and glue the cuttings in place one at a time. Once you start to attach them you may have a couple spots than need one or two extra so go ahead and fill in any spots that need it. I like to have smaller cuttings on hand for just this reason!

    Jen Tao - DIY Pumpkins - Botanical Bright

    Jen Tao - DIY Pumpkins - Botanical Bright

    Jen Tao - DIY Pumpkins - Botanical Bright

    3. You’re done! It’s that simple!

    Since you didn’t cut into the pumpkin, it should last quite some time. As far as care and maintenance goes, place in a location that gets a good amount of light to keep the succulents from stretching. You can give the succulents a spray with a water bottle once a week if they start to look dry. Once the pumpkin starts to go bad, the succulents can be easily removed and placed in a pot of succulent soil where they will root in and continue to grow.

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