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DIY Succulent

DIY Succulent "Pot in a Pot" Arrangement

This cute 'lil Succulent "Pot in a Pot" Arrangement comes together really easily!

What You'll Need:

- A larger pot

- A smaller pot that fit inside of the smaller pot

- Succulents

- Gravel (I like to use 2 colors to create a "horizon" line)

- Optional Paint (I used Martha Steward Indoor/Outdoor Acrylic)



- I painted the heart at the end (last minute inspiration hit!) but you'd probably want to paint the heart first, let it dry and THEN create the arrangement! =P 

- It's beautiful to use sedum (that's what I used!) or something like String of Pearls to give the effect that the plant is trailing down the pot! 

- You can use just about any color gravel you'd like but I've found that something dark and then light give a great contrast! 

Here's an example of a teeny tiny one I did not too long ago! 


<3 Becca

Botanical Bright 

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