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DIY Mini Succulent Pins

DIY Mini Succulent Pins


These little pins are a fun craft and a unique gift for parties & celebratory events! 

I was asked by my local National Women in Business Organization (an awesome group) to create these for the Honorees of their annual Bravo Awards! Of course, I wanted to create a video of the making of them for you guys so you can create your own!

What you'll need: 


Medium or Large Safety Pins

Hot Glue




Floral Wire or Tape


Optional: Tacky Glue



Depending on the size of your safety pin, you may need to test cutting your cardboard a few times to get the right placement! 

Make sure to cut down the moss as much as possible! If you glue the plants to loose moss, it will just fall off! 

You can use hot glue on the succulents but through making wreaths with Jen (@jenssuccs) we found that this Tacky Glue holds the succulents a little better.

The Tacky Glue will take longer to dry & you'll need to prop something up next to them to keep the plants in place while it's drying as well. 

If you're interested in learning more about using glue on succulents, Jen wrote an amazing article all about it!

And here are some photos from the Honoree Dinner! 



<3 Becca 

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