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DIY - Succulent Kokedama

DIY - Succulent Kokedama

These cute 'lil Kokedamas ("Moss Ball" in Japanese) are a trendy & fun way to dress up your plants! You can display them as is, in a vase or hang them!  

 What you'll need:

- Succulent 

- Sphagnum moss (Sheet Moss is preferable because it's a little easier to wrap)

- Twine

- Scissors or shears

- Optional Gem/Charm 



- I prefer using a moss doesn't have added dyes! If there are dyes, the color will run when you water so be mindful of that!

- "Traditional" Kokedama uses a combination of Peat Moss and soil that you form into a ball, break in half, then place the succulent in-between the two halves and wrap from there. I love a good hack and found that wrapping the moss around the existing soil (as shown in the video) in the grower's pot worked pretty well! It's up to you!

- It took me a few tries to get it just right, so if your first one doesn't look super great you're doing it right! =P

How to Water:

- Test the soil with a thin wooden skewer. Insert the skewer near the top & if it comes out completely dry it's time to water! Also if the Kokedama is very light, that's a sign that it probably needs to be watered soon.

- If you added a charm, you can remove it before watering so that it doesn't tarnish!

- Dunk the moss ball in water for about 5-10 minutes. Then you can tie another piece of string/twine and hang to dry!

Water Video Tips Below!  



Botanical Bright Succulent Kokedama DIY

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