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Getting Started with Succulent Leaf Propagation

Getting Started with Succulent Leaf Propagation

Getting started with Succulent Leaf Propagation has been one of THE most requested videos, so here we go!! It takes a lot of patience along with some trial and error for sure!  But with a few 'lil tips and some practice, you'll have an army of babelettes (a technical term in my world)! 

what you'll need


  • A succulent that propagates from leaf (not all do! More below!)
  • Cactus Soil (I used this brand if you're curious)
  • Pot Saucer - Or really anything you'd like that will hold soil!
  • Scissors/Razor Blade - Optional
  • Some patience! It takes some trial and error to figure it out at first! 



There's always more to know,  which is part of the fun! But here's what I've learned so far and a few of the things that have really helped me! I'll probably be updating this list as I do more and more experimenting! 


Not all succulents propagate from leaves, and some take MUCH longer to propagate than others! One of my favorite succulents for beginners to propagate is Ghost Plant (Graptopetalum Paraguayense ) Not only do they grow really quickly, but the 'lil leaf babies are the cutest! For a list of succulent that easily propagate check out THIS article by Cassidy over at Succulents & Sunshine! 


Get a clean break! If the leaf doesn't come off clean or tears, it usually won't propagate. (Although I have seen an occurrence of this happening, I think it's pretty rare - plants just like to surprise us sometimes!) 


After removing the leaves, let them dry for a few days (not in direct sunlight). You want the end to callous!  You can do this on a tray or a paper towel. 


They do best when placed in "bright indirect light". 


This is one of those terms that can be a 'lil tricky for beginners and takes some trial and error to figure it out! Basically, it's an area that's not in direct sunlight but also not too dark. 


When I first started, I made up 3 or so trays and placed them in different areas of my garden space to try to figure it out! Once you get the hang of it, you'll find succulent can propagate almost anywhere, but there are light conditions that are definitely more ideal than others!


There is A LOT of conflicting advice on the internets for how often to water your succulents in general but I was surprised it was even MORE so when it comes to propagation! Some say it doesn't need any water (because it's getting its' water from the leaf) others say to water every day.


I feel I've had the best luck so far by leaving my leaves alone until I see some visible growth and then watering them each time the soil below them is dried out (the frequency depends on the weather/climate).I find they need to be watered more than my other, more established plants (because they are only touching the very top layer of soil), but not every day for me (living in SoCal where it's pretty darn dry!) watering advice if you're trying this for the first time. Break your leaves into separate piles and test out different watering frequencies! Depending on the variety, you should be able to tell which group is doing better after a month or two. It can take a while to see results, but this is part of the fun!

wanna learn more?

Here's some links to some videos and article that I found helpful when I was first starting!


How to Propagate Succulents - Garden Answer


How to Propagate Succulents from Leaves and Cuttings - Succulents and Sunshine


Succulent Propagation Mandala - Jen Tao (She's also got a TON of amazing info in the captions of some of her Instagram Post (like this one!) 


Propagation How-To and FAQ - Lexi over at General Pumice Products - I love her 


Propagating Succulents From Leaves - The Succulent Eclectic


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