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DIY Succulent Boutonniere

DIY Succulent Boutonniere

Supply List:

2” Succulents
Flowers/Foliage (use whatever you’d like! I got a mini 3.99 bouquet from Trader Joes)
Floral Wire
Floral Tape
Hot Glue Gun
Twine, Rope or Ribbon

1. Take the succulent out of its’ growers pot and remove excess dirt. You’ll want the stem as clean as possible!

2. Wrap the floral wire around the base of the stem. I twisted it around a few times to secure it. You're wanting to create a longer “stem” using the wire and floral tape.

3. Start wrapping the floral tape around the base of the stem (over the wire) and slowly work your way down.

4. Repeat this step for as many succulents as you’d like to add to your boutonniere.

5. Cut your flowers and remove any excess leaves that might get in the way. Arrange your boutonniere as you’d like!

6. When you have it just right, use the floral tape to secure the stems together. Wrap it around slowly, stretching it a bit as you go. This will help it stick.

7. Cut off a piece of twine or ribbon (you can use whatever you’d like) and use your hot glue gun to secure one end to the back. Wrap it around, covering the floral tape.

8. When you get to the bottom, use the glue to secure it. You can use a pin to secure it to whatever clothing you’d like!

Once the flowers have gone, you can remove the succulent and replant it in your garden!


Depending on the variety of succulent you’re using, you may need to insert the wire through the stem to secure it properly. Whenever you’d like, you can remove the floral wire when you’re ready to replant!

When you’re wrapping the twine/ribbon, you may need to use the glue gun a few times to keep it in place!


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