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Succulent Soil 101

Succulent Soil 101

There's LOTS of information out there when it comes to "the best" soil for your succulents and it can be a bit overwhelming if you're jut starting out! 


Succulents need to be planted in soil that drains quickly and soil that holds too much water can lead to root rot! 


Everyone seems to have their preferred mix that they swear by, yet the combinations are all different which makes a bit confusing. My conclusion is that there's A LOT of different things that can work, as long as it drains well! 


But, if you're a beginner (or just a lazy plant parent like me), the easiest thing to do is start with grabbing a premixed Cactus Soil!

Premixed Soils

It's important to note that not all succulent and cactus soil mixes are created equally and are, in fact, VERY different from each other. 


In my own experience, I've used a combination of E.B. Stone Organics mixed with a 'lil exrtra Pumice from General Pumice Products. Through my reading I've found that Bonsai Jack soil has been really highly recommended by lots as well! 


A lot people have messaged me saying that use "x" brand of Cactus but tweak it by adding more pumice or perlite so that it drains better. So you may need to do some experimenting!


Mixing your own

My garden space is REALLY small (I make the most of it!) but making a few tweaks to the premixed options available to me works just fine! If it ain't broke, I don't see any need to fix it!


It seems the main benefit of creating your own mix is availability and cost. Based on my reading, you can save a significant amount of money by buying the components separately and then mixing them yourself! You also may not have great pre-mixed options available and mixing your own is a better option! 


There are ton and I mean TONS of soil "recipes" online. A few of the links below have some those! 


Wanna learn More?

Debra's Simple Soil Formula for Growing Succulents // Debra Baldwin
I love how she starts out saying "Please don't stress over soil" !! Reminding us to have fun and not take it too seriously! Great overview of Pumice and she shares her preferred "recipe". 


The Ultimate Guide to Succulent Soil // Mountain Crest Gardens 

If you wanna dive in this article has a lot of good info! I found their swatches of soil materials to be helpful! 


Perlite vs. Vermiculite. What’s the Difference? 🧐👍// Garden Answer

Great video that explains the differences between Pumice and Perlite! If you're a beginner they look VERY similar and essentially play the same role, but overall so far I personally prefer pumice!! 


Well Draining Soil for Succulent Container Gardens // Succulents and Sunshine

Great overall article!! Cassidy's site is a GREAT resource for beginners when it comes to succulents! I always recommend! 

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