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Cotoha - A Plant Lovers Dream in Kyoto, Japan!

Cotoha was one of the top things on my list as a plant lover going to Japan, and this place DID not disappoint. Like a lot of places in Japan, this one was a little hard to find. After walking down a few alleyways, I found the sign for it. Then walked down ANOTHER alley and up some steep stairs...straight up to this heavenly place! 


Overall, Cotoha is pretty small, but DANG is it stuffed with plants! The merchandising is beautiful — tons of green plants but also a good selection of succulents and air plants. One of my favorite things was the moss/plant aquariums. I didn't know I needed one of those in my life, but after seeing theirs, I absolutely do! 

I ended up getting myself a tiny pot (of course), but you can bet I wanted one of everything!

Here's a photo of the 'lil pot I got fillied with some tiny succulents from my garden! <3 



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