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Plant Your Own Succulent Picture Frame

I'm one of those people that buy things online, NEVER checking the actual dimensions. So when this 'lil Planter Frame came in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised at how small it was ('cause you know I love the tiny things!) I grabbed some littles and planted it up in just a few minutes!


And for those of you who freak out about drainage holes...don't you worry! It's got one! 

What You'll Need:



Some Additional Tips:


  • The moss isn't necessary but it helps hold the succulents in place in the frame! Use a moss that doesn't have dyes added or else the dye will run when you water! 
  • I water mine with the frame lying down, leave it for a few minutes and then prop it up so any excess water can drain.
  • Place in a spot that gets bright indirect light and enjoy! 


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  • I would also know how you keep the succulents small. Kathryns question was posted in May & I don’t see a response.

  • This is sooo cute! I’m worried the plants will outgrow the frame too quickly. How do you keep them small?


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