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Creating positive reminders while also adding a little bit of beauty your everyday

Joy is often found in small moments & little things.


Beauty is everywhere, sometimes you just need to look closely to find it.


The words you think and say have power.


You are connected to the world through nature.

Obsessed with plants? too! Flowers, foliage, succulents, you name it - I love it! And that's why I created Botanical Bright - a place for you to find unique goodies that speak to the plant & nature lover within!


Each Collection is inspired by a symbol found in nature which is connected to a significant meaning. My intention as an Artist is to create pieces that serve as a ‘lil positive reminder throughout your day. 


Life has lots of up and downs and it’s easy to lose our connection with the beauty that’s all around us (believe me - I know from lots of experience!). But seeing a small symbol or word can help put your day back on track and remind you of the brighter side. Sometimes it makes all the difference. 


Whether you're wearing a piece of Jewelry, Pin, or adding a new Art Print to your Collection, I hope to add a little bit of positivity and beauty to your everyday.

Sending you love! <3 Becca Stevens

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