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DIY - Succulent Shell in a Pot Arrangement

DIY - Succulent Shell in a Pot Arrangement

The "Pot in a Pot" Succulent Arrangements are so fun to make! And for this one, I put a 'lil "ocean" spin on it!

What You'll need


  • Pot (Preferably with a drainage hole)
  • Cactus Soil
  • Sand - whatever colors you'd like!
  • Sea Glass, Colors Rocks or Crystals
  • Succulents! - I used some pretty sedum and looked specifically for varieties that reminded me of the ocean! 




  • You can use whatever color sand you'd like, but the darker colors help the shell stand out! 
  • As with any creative project, give yourself a few trial runs! I had to do mine three times to get it just right!
  • I use a watering can that has a narrow spout so that I thoroughly water it without disturbing the sand too much! 


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