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Flamingo, Toucan & Scarlet Macaw Enamel Pin Set

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A little set of 3 Tropical Bird Enamel Pins! A Flamingo, Toucan and Scarlet Macaw


These vibrant birds are known for their  pink feathers which come from the pigments in the algae and crustaceans they eat. Their long legs are perfectly adapted for wading in shallow and muddy waters. Flamingos are also monogamous, usually laying a single egg which both parents take turns incubating and then raising the chick.

Double posted

Each Pin is about 2" tall with a Gold Base


Toucans are best known for their large, colorful bills that can be as long as half their body length! They’re native to the tropical forests of South America and make their nests in holes high up in the treetops.

Double posted

Each Pin is about 1.5" tall with a Gold Base

Scarlet Macaw

Their colorful feathers make Macaws one of the most visually stunning bird species in the world. They’re the largest in the parrot family and often mate for life. They can be seen flying in pairs, sharing food and grooming each other.

Double posted

Each Pin is about 2.1" tall with a Gold Base



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