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Valentine's Day DIY - Candy Heart Center Piece

This cute centerpiece comes together in minutes and adds a 'lil V-day color to your table or desk! 


- A large glass

- A smaller glass that fits inside the larger one & has some room to add the candy!

- Candy Hearts (or really any small candy!) 

- Succulent to plant in the smaller glass 

- Optional - Moss! 


- Succulents & cactus soil don't taste super great together. Set some aside in a clean area for eating! =P 

- You can use just about any candy for this if it will fit in between the 2 glasses! 

- Watering is tricky! I typically create the centerpiece, enjoy it, and then replant the succulent after the Holiday! 

- I got both glasses & the candy at the Dollar Store!


<3 Becca

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