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DIY Mini Succulent Sand Arrangement

DIY Mini Succulent Sand Arrangement

A cute little sand arrangement to put on your desk or window sill! 

I made mine tiny (offfff course!) but the same method can be used with bigger plants & glassware! 


- A large glass

- A smaller glass that fits inside the larger one & has some room to add the sand!

- An index card or cardstock

- Succulents, Cacti and/or Green Plants

- Optional Moss 



- I got my glasses at the Dollar storeeeee! #afforable 

- When adding the sand, leave some room between the index card and bottom so that the sand can fall naturally. If the card is inserted into the sand & then pulled out it will move the sand! 

- Use a paintbrush to brush away any pieces of sand that might have gotten into the plants. 

- Water with a small syringe to keep all the sand in place and to help avoid overwatering! This one works!

<3 Becca 

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