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A 'lil about the Echinopsis Cactus!

A 'lil about the Echinopsis Cactus!

Cacti obsessed? Meeee tooo! As long as you don't touch 'em (especially the ones that look SUPER soft and fluffy), they are crazy beautiful, especially when they bloom! So, OF course, they had to be used as inspiration for an Enamel Pin!

When designing the Echinopsis Cactus Enamel Pin, I ended up working backward. I took this photo in St. George Utah last year and the colors were just too beautiful not to inspire something! And of course, I wanted to a 'lil research to see figure out what it was and learn a bit about it!

Here's what I found! 

  • Cacti, in general, are a symbol of strength, endurance and determination as they often withstand extreme weather conditions and can survive with very little water. 
  • The Echinopsis genus includes a VERY wide range of sizes and shapes of cacti species within this genus making it tough to identify!
  • Even the species I used as inspiration for the Echinopsis Cactus Enamel Pin was technically marked as a Hybrid Trichocereus, which apparently was once its' own genus but then got merged into Echnopisis in the 70's and 80's. 
  • Most cacti species have one bloom of flowers a year, but Echinopsis produces multiple "flushes" as long as the weather conditions are right. 
  • Native to South America 
  • One thing that seems to tie the species together is that they have large blooms with similar flower structures. 
  • From the Greek words echinos- spiny and opsis - appearance - hence spiny appearance (via 

A few more photos I grabbed of the Blooms! 

And now you can carry a 'lil Echinopsis Cactus Pin everywhere you go! You can grab also grab the Set with the Opuntia Cactus Pin here

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