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Birds of Prey Enamel Pin Set

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This Set includes three different Birds of Prey themed Enamel Pins inspired by Eagles, Hawks and Falcons!


These majestic birds of prey are celebrated for their large size, powerful beaks, keen eyesight, and exceptional hunting skills. They are often associated with strength, freedom, and national pride, serving as symbols on flags and emblems in many countries.

Each Pin has two pin posts and is about 2" Tall with a Gold Base 


These extraordinary birds of prey are known for their speed and agility. With long, pointed wings and sharp beaks, falcons are master hunters, often targeting prey in mid-air. The Peregrine Falcon, in particular, holds the title of the world's fastest animal, reaching speeds of over 240 mph.

Each Pin has two pin posts and is about 1.8" Tall with a Gold Base


With over 200 species found worldwide, hawks are known for their sharp talons and impressive hunting skills. They're not only considered symbols of strength but also play vital roles in maintaining the balance of various ecosystems.

Each Pin has two pin posts is about 1.9" Tall with a Gold Base

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