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Japanese Gardens at Lotusland

I've been working on some new Koi Pond and Lotus inspired goodies and Lotusland in Montecito has been on my list forever! 

You have to call and make reservations for a guided tour (you're not to just freely walk around) and it's $50 per person but this place is WAY bigger than I imagined it! I took about a zillion photos within the first 15 minutes only to realize it kept going...and going...and going! 


There was so much to see that I'm probably going to have to divide up the photos in a few posts but I wanted to share the Japanese Gardens first because they were my favorite! 

There weren't many Lotuses in September (and a few days after a pretty extreme heatwave) but plenty of beautiful Water Lilies! I think the peak time to go to see the Lotuses are between June-early August!


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