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Ladybug Fun Facts!

Ladybug Fun Facts!

Whenever I start designing a new Collection, I always like to delve into a little research. I usually get wrapped up in reading about the different symbolisms and meanings throughout different cultures, but it’s also fun to just learn some fun facts in general! 
When reading about ladybugs these are some fun facts I found!
...are often thought of as red, but they can be orange, yellow, and even solid black! 
... are often brightly colored to ward off predators. 
… have spots that help determine the species of ladybug, there’s over 5,000! A few have no spots at all though!
...become inactive in the cold. They cuddle in groups under logs and leaves in the winter to diapause, which is sort of like an insect hibernation. 
...can swarm, one was just last year was big enough to be picked up by weather radars in California! 
...can live for up to a year
... eat a TON of aphids. That’s one of the main reasons to release them in your garden, especially when you’re plants are blooming!
Botanical Bright - Ladybug Fun Facts
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