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A place to share all our propagation experiments on instagram!

Propagating plants is one of THE most fun things! Because they are SO cute and small I call them "babelettes". It's a technical term in my world but not for the rest of the world...yet!

I've had a lot of success with propagating but am just starting to really delve into it and learn! So I started doing some experiments and thought it would be really fun to invite you to play and experiment so we can learn together! 

You can use the hashtag #babelettediaries  on your favorite propagation photos! It's fun to see everyone's photo and there's a ton we can learn from each other!

Themed plant projects you can join in on instagram!

A few of us plant peeps got together and loved the idea of doing "themed plant projects". Our first project was a 4th of July themed and we thought for our next projects we'd invite you to play & create with us! 

October 2019 theme: Halloween!

We're thinking anything spooky, scary or cute! Use the hashtag #plantcraftandshare  to share your wearable inspired creations!!

Past Themes:

September 2019 - Home Decor

August 2019 - Wearables

July 2019 - Beach/Summer 


Using grow lights is one of the the most asked questions I get, but living in Southern California, I've never really had a need for one! But I've always been REALLY curious!

I was chatting with Erica (@thesavagesucculent who lives in Virginia) and we thought it would be so much fun to host a 'lil experiment! Whether you use grow lights frequently like Erica, or have never used one like me, you're invited to come play with us and experiment with them! 

 Use the hashtag #letsplaywithgrowlights to share your grow light photos!

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