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Cardinal, Blue Jay & Woodpecker Enamel Pin Set

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A little set of three Bird Enamel Pins!

Blue Jay

These communicative and acorn-loving birds are said to symbolize creativity, clarity, and intelligence. They’re also sometimes depicted as tricksters as well as messengers between dimensions.

The Blue Jay Pin is about 1.5" tall with a Gold base. 


These bright red birds are believed to be messengers from heaven and said to be a sign that our loved ones who have passed on are always with us.

The Cardinal Pin is about 1.55" tall with a Gold base. 


The Woodpecker is said to symbolize the importance of hard work, persistence, and a reminder that there are always new opportunities to be found if you keep trying. In some stories, the drumming sound they make also associates them with music and rhythm! 

The Woodpecker Pin is about 1.3" tall with a Gold base. 

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