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Valentine's Day DIY - Painted Terra Cotta Pots

Valentine's Day DIY - Painted Terra Cotta Pots

These cute 'lil Painted Terra Cotta Pots are a cute & easy project to do with your friends or your kiddos!


- Terra Cotta Pots (whatever size(s) you'd like!)

- White Acrylic Paint (I used Martha Stewart Indoor/Outdoor Home Decor Paint)

- Heart Stickers (Ones that are a little thicker/foam stick & peel better!)

- Paint Brush

- Optional - Heart Stamp 


Make sure the sticker is nice & stuck on before painting. Let the paint dry completely before removing & remove...SLOWLY! If you pull it off too fast, the paint can crack! 

I couldn't find a heart stamp I liked, so I made my own out of a rubber eraser! Here's a tutorial for how to do that if you'd like! ) Use can use any stamp you'd like though! 

When stamping, dab the paint a few times to get rid of excess paint before stamping on the pots.

Plant your pots with some succulents! I used some Pumice from General Pumice Products!  to top it off! I love the white contrast & it keeps your babies lookin' purddy! 


<3 Becca





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